Is Asset Protection Planning Right for You?

I am frequently asked how much an individual’s net worth needs to be in order for them to be a good candidate for asset protection planning.  It’s impossible to answer with a specific dollar value, but if you are concerned that an adverse court judgment against you might wipe out your way of life, the answer may be an asset protection plan. What Is an Asset Protection Plan? The best place to start is by ... Read More

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

A buy-sell agreement is a contract (or sometimes part of a contract) in which a business owner makes an agreement with the other co-owner or owners as to what happens to their share of the business upon the occurrence of certain “triggering events” such as death, incapacitation, divorce, bankruptcy, or retirement. In some ways it is similar to a will in that it is a legal agreement that governs the disposition of ... Read More

The Recipe for a Strong Merger & Acquisition

Properly planning and executing the merger of two companies can mean the difference between success and failure of the newly structured business. Successful mergers require planning, forethought, and above all, commitment. Here are five ingredients in the recipe for a strong merger or acquisition. 1) It’s a good match. The royal houses of Europe spent an inordinate amount of time shoring up their power through ... Read More

A Brief Introduction to Gaming Control Boards

It should come as no surprise that the legalized gambling industry is heavily regulated. While some of this regulation comes at the federal level, the true gatekeepers are the state or local-level gaming control boards. Note that not all boards will be called “gaming control boards.” These entities operate under many different names including gambling board, gaming commission, casino control board, and gambling ... Read More

5 Key Differences Between Employees and Independent Contractors

How are independent contractors different from employees, and why does it matter? If you're an employer, you may be wondering whether it's best to hire a new employee or start a working relationship with an outside contractor. If you're looking for a new job or other sources of income—you'll want to compare the pros and cons of employment with those of contract work (also known as freelancing or consulting). Either ... Read More

Selecting and Protecting a Trademark – Step by Step

A strong trademark is essential to the identification and public perception of your brand. Trademarks connect your company’s identity with the products and services you offer. While you can use a trademark without registering it, that is not recommended. The relatively low time and cost involved in clearing and registering your trademarks is well worth the legal protections you receive. Follow this step-by-step guide ... Read More

Business Acquisition: 5 Important Questions to Ask the Seller Before You Buy

An existing business can present a range of opportunities for a keen-eyed entrepreneur. You have a chance to bring your unique experience to a business with existing customers, trained staff, and a fully-realized concept. Before you commit, you may be wondering whether this business is right for you—and whether you're the right person for the job. Ask your seller these key questions before making any acquisition ... Read More

Game On: What You Need to Know About Operating a Business in the Gaming Industry

Gambling has a long history in the United States and throughout the world. For thousands of years, gambling has had its zealous advocates and detractors. In the United States, opponents of gambling cite concerns about increased crime, violations of religious beliefs, regressive taxation, and addiction. Despite this often fanatical opposition, some form of gambling is legal in every state in the U.S. save two (Hawaii ... Read More

Funding Your Dreams: 5 Potential Sources of Capital for Your Growing Business

Your dream for a successful business may be fully realized in your mind's eye, but it takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to make it work in real life. While the time and effort are within your control, the money factor can be tricky. Where can you find the funds necessary to support your business in its early years? If you need inspiration, these common sources of capital may be able to carry your business ... Read More

The New Business Makeover: How to Make Your Startup More Attractive to Investors

Investment capital is a great thing to have, but it is very difficult to obtain. Investors I have worked with in the past have told me that they hear, review, and analyze dozens of business pitches a year, and only invest in one or two. It goes without saying that seeking investment capital is a far different process than simply going to the bank and applying for a loan. You need to attract investors and convince ... Read More